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The Gold City is the pearl of the western coast of Nacamera. Due to several factions and guilds that exist within the city, it is very friendly to adventurers. The city has a population close to 20,000 and offers a dozen districts, all with their unique flavor and citizens.

The Gold City is run by the Chosen Council. Currently this includes Von Setti the High Priest of Garue, King Diana Gold of the Royal Family, Gefth Tadori of the Gold Roads Merchant Guild, Lillith Dawnsun, head wizard of divination at The University, and Aegon Solsteel, The High Paladin of the church of Aamo.

The cities main export is is ore, and other minerals from the mines around the coast. Although the largest industry to the city is trade, as it is a port town and a majority of it’s wealth come from trade tariffs, taxes, and such.

In addition to trade, the Gold City is one of the few places where you can find magic shoppes and some of the best products and weapons in the continent.

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